Court Action

What is a County Court claim form?

A County Court claim form is an official document, issued by the County Court, outlining the amount of money a person or entity (known as a ‘creditor’ or ‘claimant’) thinks they are owed by another person or entity (called a ‘debtor’ or ‘respondent’).

What is the legal significance of receiving a County Court claim form?

When a debtor receives a County Court claim form, they should not ignore it.

Receiving the form indicates that a creditor intends to use the court system to obtain payment of money that they believe is owed to them.

A County Court claim is the initial step towards a County Court judgment (CCJ) being entered against a debtor. If a debtor ignores the claim form, the creditor could ask for a ‘default judgment’ from the court, which assumes that the debtor owes the full amount stated and requires payment in full in addition to any court costs.

How long do I have to respond to a County Court claim?

A debtor who has been presented with a County Court claim must respond to the court within 14 days of receiving it.

If in any doubt you should seek independent legal advice as a matter of urgency.